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Innovation: scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and strategic innovation. Continue to question and improve in all successful fields. Through innovation, enterprises will always be full of vitality and competitiveness, and the world will become more colorful and full of infinite possibilities.


Quality: today's world is an open world. The tide of development is choppy, and the sense of entrepreneurship is unstoppable. What does an enterprise rely on to ride the wind and waves in the competition and remain invincible? Rely on - excellent product quality.


Responsibility: be responsible for society, customers, employees and yourself. In the new historical period, a high sense of responsibility and a clear division of responsibilities, responsibilities and rights will be organically unified. Responsibility has become the primary factor for employees to realize their self-worth and ensure the implementation and implementation of strategies.


Talent: Based on the deep trust and responsibility with employees, Hystrone pays attention to the coordinated development of employees and enterprises. Adhering to the concept of "cultivating employees' ability of lifelong employment", Hystrone pursues the employment standard of integrity and unity of knowledge and practice, and pays attention to cultivating, attracting and retaining talents from beginning to end.


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