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I. Product Description


HY-WR5-4G-E series cellular Routers are highly reliable and secure wireless communications gateway designed for enterprise networking. It supports multi-band connectivity including FDD/TDD LTE, WCDMA and GSM for a wide range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) markets. To enhance reliability, HY-WR5-4G-E series cellular Routers series are equipped with dual SIM that supports fail-over and roaming over to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical cellular communications.

II. Product features:


l Support cloud platform management and control  

l Support web authentication, support  manage business advertising by cloud platform  

l Support cloud platform to upgrade router firmware  

l Support Signal /Dual SIM (Band)  

l Provide a 1* 10 / 100M Ethernet (WAN) interface, which can be connected to xDSL modem / cable modem / Ethernet  

l Provide 4 * 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet (LAN) interfaces and support automatic MDI / mdix  

l Provide 1 console port  

l Support automatic adjustment of wireless transmission rate  

l Support WPA, WPA2, WPA hybrid encryption methods, which can ensure the security of data transmitted in the wireless network  

l 2 (4) external  4G antennas  

l USB 2.0 interface  

l Built in DHCP server 


III. Product Specifications:


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