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Dual LTE Router

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I. Product Description


HY-WR5-4G-E series cellular Routers are highly reliable and secure wireless communications gateway designed for enterprise networking. It supports multi-band connectivity including FDD/TDD LTE, WCDMA and GSM for a wide range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) markets. To enhance reliability, HY-WR5-4G-E series cellular Routers series are equipped with dual SIM that supports fail-over and roaming over to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical cellular communications.


HY-WR5-4G-E series cellular Routers have built-in dedicated hardware VPN module that supports GRE, IPSec VPN and other business models. The router support VPN tunnel traffic management, which regulates online behavior in the VPN tunnel management. By configuring our cloud management platform, VPN on scattered branches can be centralized managed, which achieves a unified configuration management, centralized alarm processing, which reduced administrator workload. 


II. Product features:


l Support cloud platform management and control  

l Support web authentication, support  manage business advertising by cloud platform  

l Support cloud platform to upgrade router firmware  

l Support Dual SIM (Band)  

l Provide a 1* 10 / 100M /1000M Ethernet (WAN) interface, which can be connected to xDSL modem / cable modem / Ethernet  

l Provide 4 * 10 / 100M/ 1000M adaptive Ethernet (LAN) interfaces and support automatic MDI / mdix  

l Provide 1 console port  

l Support automatic adjustment of wireless transmission rate  

l Support WPA, WPA2, WPA hybrid encryption methods, which can ensure the security of data transmitted in the wireless network   

l Support for standard IPSec VPN protocol;


l 2 (4) external  4G antennas  

l USB 2.0 interface  

l Built in DHCP server 


III. Product Specifications:


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