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Outdoor LTE Router

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1. Product Description:


HY-4G-2DX is a high-power router with transmission rate up to 300 Mbps. It adopts QCA9531 scheme with rich performance and high integration. It can expand 3G/4G wireless upstream interface and support LTE CAT 4.WLAN wireless uses external PA (power amplifier module), which achieves maximum transmission distance and penetration of wireless signals. It is a wireless covering artifact of chain hotels, shops, automobile shops, beauty shops, buses and so on. It can also fully meet the wireless coverage of large and small multi-room offices such as multi-bedrooms and duplex, so that users can really get rid of the wired bondage. Enjoy the wireless networking experience in any corner. It is also compatible with all mainstream smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other digital products, making the networking smoother and more stable.


Hystrone 4G router also has PPPoE server, forwarding control support, VPN, firewall.


2. Product characteristics: 

l Provide a 3G/4G wireless upstream interface to support LTE CAT 4 (scalable)

l Provide a 10/100M Ethernet (WAN) interface to connect xDSL modem/cable modem/ethernet

l Provide a 10/100M adaptive Ethernet (LAN) interface and support automatic MDI/MDIX

l Supporting automatic adjustment of wireless transmission rate

l Supporting 2.4 GH output power up to 500 MW

l Built-in 2 WLAN 5dBi antennas and 2 3/4G antennas;

l Supporting SSID broadcast control to effectively prevent SSID broadcast leakage

l Built-in Network Address Translation (NAT) function

l Supporting real-time system load, flow statistics, user number trend charts and other system states

l Support static routing, virtual server (port mapping)

l Support ADSL, DPHC, static address WAN access mode

l Support IPSEC VPN

l Supporting firewall and black-and-white list management

l Supporting WEB/Serial/Telnet Management and Control

3. Product Specifications:

4.  Software Specifications:

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