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Product Overview

The HY2800 series is a new generation of intelligent gigabit access switches designed for operators IP metropolitan area networks, with three installation modes(DIN-rail mounting, Wall mounting,Rack mounting), supporting -20℃ -70℃ working environment, suitable for various complex environments.. Based on the new-generation high-performance hardware, it supports functions such as ACL, QinQ and QoS. Its simple management mode and flexible installation can meet the requirement of any complicated scenarios. HY2800 Series has 4 models: HY2806P-DC HY2810-DCHY2806-DC HY2810P-DC.


Product Characteristics

Telecom Grade Ethernet Access Switch

HY2800 Series supports the carrier-level Ethernet ring protection protocol with less than 50ms recovery time, STP/RSTP/MSTP, backup uplink ports, and LACP link aggregation to cater to the requirements of high reliability of carriers; HY2800 Series has powerful ACL functions to access and control L2-L7 data based on physical port, providing carriers flexible and various policy control methods.

    HY2800 Series supports various L2 multicast functions such as IGMP-snooping, fast-leave and MVR 

Easy Management and Maintenance


HY2800 Series supports many management modes such as the CLI, Telnet, SSH, SSL and SNMP. HY2800 Series supports the WEB management mode, which is easy and efficient for installing and debugging the device. HY2800 Series supports FTP,TFTP and SFTP.


HY2800 Series supports SNMP and  NMS smart network management platform. The combination realizes automatic equipment discovery, network topology management, equipment configuration management, performance data statistics and analysis and trouble management.


HY2800 Series supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) function to minimize manual operator intervention and helps reduce customers’ initial deployment costs. 

Comprehensive IPv6 Solutions 

HY2800 Series supports the IPv6 protocol suite, IPv6 neighbour discovery, ICMPv6 and Path MTU discovery. HY2800 Series supports Ping, Traceroute, Telnet, SSH and ACL on the basis of IPv6, meeting IPv6 networks' equipment management requirements and service control requirements.

Enhanced QoS 

HY2800 Series supports priority retagging and complicated flow classification based on VLAN, MAC, source address, destination address, IP or priority, better streamlining carrier’s services. HY2800 Series provides flexible bandwidth control policies, supporting port-/flow-based flow limit, ensuring the line speed forwarding of each port. HY2800 Series supports multiple queue schedule algorithms such as SP, WRR and “SP + WRR”.


Equipment-level security: The advanced hardware infrastructure design realizes the level based packet schedule and packet protection, prevents DoS-/TCP- related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks, and supports level-based command line protection, endowing different levels of users with different management permissions.


Perfect security authentication mechanisms: IEEE 802.1x, Radius and Tacacs+. HY2800 Series supports storm/multicast/unicast limit, ensuring the normal running of equipment in harsh network conditions.


HY2800 Series supports perfect ring detection mechanism, ensuring the long-term stable running of network. HY2800 Series supports port isolation within the same VLAN, DHCP-Snooping, and IP + MAC + Port binding.

Technical Specifications



· QoS,802.1P/DSCP priority re-labeling, SP, WRR, and “SP+WRR”


· Tail-Drop, WRED, flow monitoring Management Spanning Tree and traffic shaping


· Port isolation, Port security, and “IP+MAC+port” binding, MAC sticky, DHCP Snooping and option 82 , DAI & IP source guard

· IEEE 802 .1x , Radius  Tacacs+

· L2/L3/L4 ACL flow identification and filtration Anti- attack from DDoS, TCP’s SYN Flood, UDP Flood, etc.

· Broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast storm-control

· MD5, SHA-256, RSA-1024, AES256,


4K Active VLAN

QinQ & Selective QinQ Private VLAN Voice VLAN

 Spanning Tree

802.1D (STP)

802.1W (RSTP) and 802.1S (MSTP)

BPDU guard, root guard and loopback guard


· IGMP v1/2/3

· IGMP Snooping

· IGMP Fast Leave

· IGMP Filter



Static route

IP v4/v6 dual stack

DHCP /Client


· Static/LACP link aggregation,

· Interface backup



· Console, Telnet , SSH v2, HTTP,



· ZTP(Zero Touch Provisioning)



· Operating temperature/ humidity:

-20℃ -60℃, 10%-90% non-condensing

· Storage temperature/humidity -20℃

-70℃, 5%-95% noncondensing


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