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Advanced Features


WPA, WPA2 and WPA / WPA2 mixed encryption mode of ceiling AP provides advanced wireless security options. It also supports AP and router, which is convenient for users to use flexibly.


Practical And Powerful


The ceiling Poe wireless access point provides high-speed wireless transmission rate for your home or office network. It conforms to the latest 802.11n standard, with a transmission rate of about 300mbps, which can meet the transmission requirements of all data, voice and video streams.         


Greater Coverage And Easy Installation


The ceiling type design is beautiful and convenient for users to install. It is like a smoke detector. After simple installation, the unique ceiling type design can stably adsorb on the ceiling. The unique structure has more decorative effect on the surrounding environment, which is beautiful and generous. It can meet the requirements of more wireless client access, provide higher wireless bandwidth for each client at the same time of the number of wireless clients, so that the data transmission in the LAN is more efficient. At the same time, the higher wireless bandwidth can also avoid data congestion, reduce network delay, and make voice and video, online demand, online games more fluent. At the same time, it supports Poe power supply, so that the AP can get rid of the limitation of power access point, supply power through network cable, simplify the installation, and make AP layout more free.


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