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Marvel ARM Hardware Solution

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The HY600 sereis is the tiny Network Appliance with Armada 3700LP (88F3720) ARM for Entry Level SD-WAN, SoHo/ Enterprise Router and Security Gateway (Firewall).The 600 series CPE access security gateway products have a variety of products, which are using Marvel chip architecture, compact design, and the cost is far lower than CPE based on x86 architecture and could  to meet the access requirements of medium and large branches.


The Marvell® ARMADA® 3700 SoC family incorporates rich high-speed I/Os including USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet (1 GbE) and 2.5 GbE (NBASE-T) offering two configurations: 88F3720 for dual-core and 88F3710 for single-core, both configurations have industrial temperature grade support.

In addition, these devices feature a wide set of security and data acceleration engines suitable for innovative networking, storage, and computing applications. The ARMADA 3700 supports advanced power management technologies for switching the CPU cores, as well as per-core dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. This solution offers a significant reduction in power consumption under different workloads and delivers an optimal Performance-per-Watt in the embedded markets.




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